@ Technorama in Winterthur

The Technorama in Switzerland is sometimes called the “European Exploratorium”, because it is following its archetype in San Francisco in many ways.

I personally like this kind of Science Center very much. It is very straight, focused on the phenomena based exhibits, set up in a black box and doesn’t need any scenography for that reason. Even though I appreciate scenography in other cases, where it is adding value to the experience and content without being pushy. The Technorama has so many different exhibits, it even can afford to show some so called “5%-exhibits”. The name  arises for the reason, that only 5 percent of the visitor are really interested in them. But that doesn’t effect the number of visitors all – in contrary it even attracts the scientific nerds and experts in a certain way. Anyhow,  the variety is huge, each topic is covered in different ways end there are endless ways to explore and discover and spend many hours at all ages without getting bored.

Due to my strong interest in art and aesthetics most of my favorite exhibits here are more focusing on beautiful effects rather then on detailed scientific experiments. That’s why I call them MY favorites. And picking 10 from over 600 exhibits is hard. To find your own favorites, that are spread on three floors, don’t hesitate to plan your visit! If you’d like to know more about the shown exhibits below and how they can be used, don’t hesitate to ask me. (image source)

Find more informations on the Technorama website

No. 10 > Magic Wave

No. 9 > Giant Pin Screen

No. 8 > Deep Walls

No. 7 > Machine in Concrete

No. 6 > Raindrop Percussion

No 5. > Icy Bodies

No. 4 >Lasso Rope

No. 3 > Wire Mesh Zoetrope

No. 2 > Sisyphus

No. 1 > Super Rope

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