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The Golden Rules of Exhibit Design and Development – Part II

Besides the important things, that should be kept in mind, when building exhibits, the visitor  himheslf is a not to be underestimated factor during the design and development process. Whe I was working as a Creative Director at volke presentation in Wolfbsurg, I already had a lot of expereince in designing interactive exhibits, but very soon one of my most vaulable collegues become the one, that was doing the service during a trade fair show – in that case mostly international high level Autoshows.  Read More about the Golden Rules… 

The Golden Rules II - What visitors do.

The Golden Rules of Building Interactive Exhibits

What Exhibit Builders do – Part 1

Often read, repeated to designers like using prayer wheels and still as often ignored and being punished for it by the visitors: the “Golden Rules” are my favorite advice and I quote them often – very often.  To all my collegues that I am training in design and development of interactive exhibits, to clients, to myself. We can’t internalize it deep enough: visitors are humans like you and me. Watch yourself carefully and you can avoid a lot of mistakes and upfollowing disappointments, when designing interactive exhibits. Working with experienced exhibit builders helps a lot to avoid double work from the beginning. Of course nobody is born with that knowldege, but it really helps a lot to take the following rules for serious.  Learn about the Golden Rules Part 1… 

The Golden Rules - What Exhibit Builders do

Attention please!

Ever thought the exhibition you were visiting was crowded? Look at this! I just arrived at Nemo in Amsterdam when several school classes entered and went to the show “Chain Recations”. Can you imagine the sound? (image source)