My Top 10 Interactive Exhibits @ Welios

The Welios in Wels is a Science Center with a special theme: “Sustainabilty” or better said “Energy” and it’s minimalization of use. Actually a good idea, but unfortunately it still lacks in visitor numbers almost one year after its opening in April 2011. I couldn’t really find out what the reason is, but I will tell you my opinion about this Science Center.  Read More… 

Welios in Wels, Austria - Top 10 Interactive Exhibits

My Top 10 Interactive Exhibits @ Mathematikum

The Mathematikum in Giessen opened its doors in 2002 and could in my opinion also be called a  topic focused Science Center. But a very special one! I have to admit, I never was the huge fan of mathematics, even though I really love structures and the analysis of things. But a whole museum about maths? Even though its interactive… it wasn’t necessarily on my Top 10 to visit list in Germany.  Read More… 

Mathematikum in Giessen / Germany

My Top 10 Interactive Exhibits @ Technorama

The Technorama in Switzerland is sometimes called the “European Exploratorium”, because it is following its archetype in San Francisco in many ways.

I personally like this kind of Science Center very much. It is very straight, focused on the phenomena based exhibits, set up in a black box and doesn’t need any scenography for that reason. Even though I appreciate scenography in other cases, where it is adding value to the experience and content without being pushy. Read More… 

Technorama in Winterthur

Kiss the Flea.

Who says that only children have fun in Science Centers? (image source)

Kiss the flea

Attention please!

Ever thought the exhibition you were visiting was crowded? Look at this! I just arrived at Nemo in Amsterdam when several school classes entered and went to the show “Chain Recations”. Can you imagine the sound? (image source)