Learning by Spinning.

Do you know how a centrifuge works and what it is used for? Well… most of the children we met on our press walkabout for the Wissenschaftspfad (Science Parcours) in Lübeck knew it better to explain then me. But good to know, that these exhibits are spread all over the historic city and make you explore things again, that we forgot again after school is a while ago allready. At least these two ladies had a lot of fun spinning and spinning and spinning… (image source)

Hands up for hands on!

Hands on exhibits are made for what the name says. This pin screen exhibit explains the technique of pin scanners that are used in the medical field. A real hands on! (image source)

Pin screen interactive exhibit Wissenschaftspfad Lübeck

Well… and what you see below is what happens when the wind pushes the water from the sea into the city. Hard for photographers and exhibits.

Nadelscanner Wissenschaftspfad Lübeck Innenstadt bei Hochwasser