Coming home.

In can allready see it… and can’t wait to smell the green again!  (image source)

Solitaire jewellery.

In Dubai you really can buy everything… but who needs a giant blinking football? (image source)

The ultimate vending machine.

Still need a little present for your date tonight? “Gold to go” makes it possible… if money doesn’t matter – and if you are in Dubai Mall. (image source)

My wishes come true!

Dubai Mall: the biggest one in the world. And they really have everything I desire? Good to know…  (image source)

Sun over the desert…

Leaving Riyadh to Dubai at 5.00 am… the heat is getting ready to torture you… (image source)

U-turn – u don’t turn.

In Riyadh U-turns are a must have. Youd don’t get anywhere without a U-turn. In very (!) rare cases they even control them by traffic lights.  (image source)

Push button to call service.

Of course they have interactions in Riyadh too. But I assume the most avtive is the “Push button to call service” one…  By the way: a good restaurant to eat traditiona food in the right atmosphere  is Nadj Village. (image source)