Young researchers and grown up researchers.

For both of them interesting: at the digital microscope exhibit the visitors can explore organ shaped graphic panels showing the lever, pankreas and heart. By positioning them under the lense of the exhibit they can virtually zoom into different levels of these organ graphics and learn how Boehringer Ingelheim helps with its research patients to better deal with their diabetes. (image source)

2 thoughts on “Young researchers and grown up researchers.

  1. Hello, there! I love your exhibits, they are so inspiring. What is this technology that you use here? We would love to implement something similar for our Polio exhibit opening this summer.

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you very much for the compliment 🙂 The technology we used here is a video camera and corresponding image recognition software. The “organs” have specific icons at their back whose position will be recognized by the camera underneath the white translucent plate. A small screen inside the “microscope” displays the information. Is this the information you expected?

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