Old town Warsaw.

Ecsite in Warsaw is over and we enjoyed a little stroll through the historic city center, which presents itself from its romatic side. (image source)

The treasure of the islets of Langerhans.

When the visitors reach their goal, the isltes of Langerhans, they are asked to answer some basic questions about diabetes, that they’ve learned during their visit of the exhibition. After having successfully answered these questions, the integrated penny press will be activated. The visitor can insert a coin and produce his personal souvenir: a pressed  penny that he can keep in his wallet to remember taking care about one of his bodies treasure: the pankreas. (image source)

Young researchers and grown up researchers.

For both of them interesting: at the digital microscope exhibit the visitors can explore organ shaped graphic panels showing the lever, pankreas and heart. By positioning them under the lense of the exhibit they can virtually zoom into different levels of these organ graphics and learn how Boehringer Ingelheim helps with its research patients to better deal with their diabetes. (image source)

Innovative sun shade for screens

Having trouble with sun making your screen application hard to read? Try this! Seen in a pavillion of the exhibition “Entdeckungen 2011” on the island Mainau. Great idea! (image source)


After having a game at the football table the visitors are asked to jump – as high as they can. This exhibit explains the Glycemic index, which is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. The height of his jump will be measured electronically and then displayd at the front of the exhibit as an according food product with a high glycemic index. This is meant to work as a metaphor: Products with a high glycemic index make your blood sugar level jump also high, as well as they need more activity to be removed from your hips again 😉 (image source)


Kick the fat guys!

No, this is not meant to be mean or discriminatory at all! This exhibit is part of a set of five that shall increase the awareness of treating your body with care to not get diabetis type two. In the context of the Mainau Exhibition Discoveries (“Entdeckungen”) the pavillion from Boehringer Ingelheim makes the visitors explore the topic of diabetis in an playful and interactive way – with giving them the important informations along the way without beeing too pushy or even boring.  (image source)

Welcome to sugar island!

The pavillion from Boehringer Ingelheim in the current exhibition about health research deals with a severe and growing topic: diabetes. The message is, that we should take care about our pankreas to prevent it from damage. The pavillion has a scenographic topic of the sea with severeal islands to discover. The visitors are welcomed by sugar island, which introduces the topic. The goal is to discover the treasure of the islets of Langerhans, where the betacells are located, which produce the insuline. (image source)

View into the pavillion from Boehringer Ingelheim